2015: We can save so much money canceling cable—Netflix 2021: Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, Disney +, HBO Max, Apple TV Plus, Prime Video, Paramount Plus, YouTube TV…
Potato sets out ketchup. Tomato is offended. Tomato sets out French fries. Potato starts to cry.
Potato eating a sandwich. Tomato: Are you eating a sandwich over the sink? Potato: I didn’t want to dirty a dish.
Tomato purchases an app. Potato buying a $7 latte “I don’t understand how you can spend $3 on an app.”
Tomato: Not one good thing has come out of COVID! Potato: When was the last time you pooped at work? … thinking Tomato: Such wisdom.
Chicken wings!
Pre-pandemic remote work. Pandemic remote work.
Getting rich
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Tomato Potato